Formapro system

What is Tometomes? Formation and development of projects oriented to obtain that the companies are able to emphasize of their competition in the strategies of Marketing Online. Tometomes has been created after seeing in the companies that have a necessity to manage their own digital projects. They need formation but they also need that one works with his projects, or a Web, a blog, a store online, to manage the social networks€¦

With Tometomes you will not only learn to realise the techniques and strategies that you also need but, while you are forming to you, you are constructing and developing to your product or services.

It learns while you create

This format is very recommendable for companies that cannot contract a person for the accomplishment of the marketing actions full-time online, since it supposes a high cost, pay, social security, taxes, etc., nor can either contract it an agency because they need to do it they themselves. For that reason this format of formation-project, Tometomes, is giving so good results.

In addition another one to the important elements that they evaluate the companies in which they have take refugen in Tometomes, is the amount of knowledge that they are acquiring to apply it in his professional project but also it serves to develop new projects to them that they had left not to have the knowledge necessary and the resources to create it.

Of what Tometomes consists?

He is very simple. You have the necessity to learn anyone of the multiple disciplines that exist in Marketing Online to apply it to your company, Social business, objective€¦, or SEO, SEM, Networks, WordPress, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Prestashop, Programming, etc., because he is here where a professional goes to your office to realise this formation while she works in your project, this way the advantage of the hours are principles.

How much Tometomes lasts

You are the owner of your time and will decide, according to you are learning and according to your needs, the time that you need, is all open one. You can begin by a morning or an afternoon to the week, to work and to learn along with the professional who goes to your company and puts tasks to you for the rest of the week. If you need more days to the week you only must say it and contract it.

What I can contract

  • To create a Blog
  • To create a Web
  • Store online
  • WordPress
  • Social networks
  • Email marketing
  • Consultancy Web
  • Marketing of affiliation
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMO
  • Acquisition of leds
  • Marketing of contents
  • Video Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Internal communication
  • Crisis management
  • Creation name brand: Branding

How much Tometomes costs

The duration of each session, or morning or behind schedule, is of 150‚¬, with a duration of 4 hours each session. They are intensive classes of maximum yield and without moving to you of your company.

How many students can attend

The number of students you decide them, the recommendable thing is that whatever less good, since takes advantage the hours to the maximum and the doubts can be solved better than they arise.

How many modules I can contract

The modules can be contracted that are needed:

  • 1 morning = 1 module
  • 1 behind schedule = 1 module

But the good thing is that they are possible to be combined, one week in the morning, the following one in the evening, etc. Always will adapt to your needs.

Hour what I can realise

The schedules the client decides them, whenever they are the 4 followed hours is no problem, is only necessary to square agendas.

The week ends I can contract the modules

The answer is yes.

It is possible to be changed of professional

Yes, a form of satisfaction is given to him to the client to evaluate the professional that you will have assigned, and if by the part of the client it is not satisfied or the valuations are not positive you will be able to ask for another one.

Professional what will come office

They are professional of Marketing Online specialized in each area, having experience as much as training as developing projects. If you need SEO will come a professional from the SEO and if you need to learn WordPress will come the expert in WordPress, this way always you will have to the best ones.

In what city the services are realised

Tometomes is restored by all Spain, since we have professionals in all the provinces

You still have doubts referring to which is Tometomes?

It asks for information on Tometomes or contract your modules that you need online.