Tometomes experiencesThe experiences are very important, and the relation with the people is it still more so that a project can be successful. The human equipment that not only composes Tometomes is to the last one of the advances that in each matter dominate, but after several years to comprise of projects, they have been able to know and to analyze what each work needs to secure its objectives.

Each project enters to comprise of Tometomes assigns a Director to him of Project, that will be the person in charge and the one in charge to manage the human equipment that will work for the new client.

The selection of the team of professionals, meetings with the client, pursuit of the project€¦ will be a single person the one that will have the contact with the client, obtaining a major and better communication without there are intermediaries. Direct Comuncaci³n.

We count on equipment of professionals that has managed more than 1,000 projects of different areas, and so we are convinced that whenever enters a new client, previously already we have experience with some similar project to advance and to secure the objectives much more fast.