cost TometomesHow much it costs to contract Tometomes?

Much less than you imagine. How much you would pay because professionals teach to you while she works in your project in your office during 4 hours? We are convinced that much more than Tometomes costs.

The duration of each session, or morning or behind schedule, is of 150‚¬, with a duration of 4 hours each session. They are intensive classes of maximum yield and without moving to you of your company. But they are not only classes, is formation while one works.

Tometomes is much more that formation incompany, that this last one is the one that you receive formation in your office, but thinks that with Tometomes aside from the formation in your office it works in your project and in addition, if you have time and you wish it, will leave works you for the rest of the week. And all this by only 150‚¬, 37.5‚¬ the hour.